Leinebris is a Norwegian family company which owns and operates the world’s most modern longliner.

All year round we catch quality wild fish in the cold and clear Northeast Atlantic.

We are passionate about longline fishery and the fresh frozen at sea (FAS) concept that ensures
a quality and consistency of the absolute highest standard.

As fifth generation fishermen our heritage goes back to 1898. Today we use our first hand
knowledge to serve customers all around the world with premium longline fish.



– The treasures of the Northeast Atlantic

Whiter, firmer, better. That is what characterizes the premium products from our longliner Leinebris.

Leinebris is designed with the very best equipment and technology to ensure that the fish is treated in the best possible way from it’s caught alive until it’s frozen on board within three hours.

In the top modern factory we produce:

  • – Headed and gutted fish (Frozen in blocks of random or fixed weight and packed in delicate white paper bags.)
  • – Supreme fillets (Shatter packed or IQF in exclusive black boxes.)

All our Cod and Haddock from the Barents Sea is MSC certified. We also catch Greenland Halibut, Atlantic White Halibut, Catfish, Tusk and Ling with hook and line. During the winter season we catch Saithe, Pollack and Hake while hauling the gillnet through the moonpool in the center of our vessel.



PHL SEAGOLD is Leinebris’ sales company. In addition to marketing and distributing its catch,
PHL SEAGOLD also offers fish from other Norwegian vessels.

Expertise about fishery in the Northeast Atlantic and close cooperation with the fleet are vital for PHL SEAGOLD when selecting the best fish for its customers.

As a fish family we simply love our
Premium Norwegian Fish – The best there is



Fresh frozen at sea

Unique quality, whiter than snow, firm texture, fresher than fresh. This is how we can describe the fish from the Norwegian longliners.

When catching by longline the fish is brought on board alive, one by one. Directly after catching the production process starts and within three hours the fish is frozen to -18 degrees.

 This quick freezing process locks in the quality and goodness of the fish, which ensures a quality of the absolute highest standard.

Longline fishing is an environmentally friendly and sustainable catching method.

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Leinebris family

Leinebris’ headquarter is situated in Fosnavåg, one of the major fishing communities on the west coast of Norway.
You are more than welcome to contact us if you want to buy our fish or be a part of our team.



Leinebris – President/Owner

Cell  +47 90 93 79 99
+47 700 80 600



Leinebris – Crew

Cell  +47 48 34 74 87
+47 700 80 600

+47 700 80 600

Adress: Po box 23 – 6099 Fosnavåg, Norway